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Mitsubishi Electric in INDIA MOB 9910885865 MODEL MSZ-HJ SERIES WITH HEAT PUMP Mitsubishi Electric is a well-known brand and Global Leader in Electric and Electronic Equipment for Residential, Commercial and Industrial use. Mitsubishi Electric has presence across India Type Name Model Name Model Ceiling Cassette 4-way Air Flow PLFY-P VBM-E PLFY-P VCM-E2 Ceiling Cassette 2-way Air Flow PLFY-P VLMD-E Ceiling Cassette 1-way Air Flow PMFY-P VBM-E Ceiling Concealed Low Static PEFY-P VMS1(L)-E Ceiling Concealed Medium Static PEFY-P VMA(L)-E Ceiling Concealed High Static PEFY-P VMH(S)-E Ceiling Concealed Fresh Air Intake PEFY-P VMH-E-F Ceiling Suspended PCFY-P VKM-E Wall Mounted PKFY Floor Standing / Floor Mounted Concealed PFFY-P VKM-E2 PFFY-P VLEM-E PFFY-P VLRM-E, PFFY-P VLRMM-E
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